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[Do not miss small foreign objects! ] Beverage Foreign Matter Inspection Device ~Kanto GF Interview ②~

Kanto Grand Fair 2022 Sponsored by Yuasa Corporation
Monozukuri Zone Interview “Beverage Contaminant Inspection Device”


Kanto Grand Fair held at Makuhari Messe in July 2022.
This time, we will pick up a booth that introduces beverage foreign matter inspection equipment!

A beverage production line where workers visually check for foreign substances.
The F[ai]ND OUT 2 beverage foreign matter inspection system reduces the burden on such workers!
AI learns the movement of foreign substances and reacts to foreign substances in containers!
And it is an excellent thing that makes OK / NG judgment ♪

A foreign object that even Momo-chan, whose eyesight is 1.5, can’t see…
What are you doing inside the container? !
Check out the foreign object inspection demonstration!