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Pikaichi filter technology! Ryuki Engineering ECO Clean

“Ryuuki Engineering Co., Ltd.”

We visited a growing company that Yuasa Neotec is always indebted to,
In our memorable first installment, we interviewed Ryuki Engineering, which has its head office in Mita, Tokyo!

RYUKI ENGINEERING leads to solutions for various customer issues through dust collection, deodorization, dehumidification, water treatment, etc.
The company is full of energy under the leadership of a talented young president!

In the video, in addition to the projects that Ryuki Engineering is involved in, we introduce a wonderful ☆☆☆ space created at the head office to create an environment where employees can work enthusiastically! !

Also, in the second half, we introduce the device “ECO Clean” that can filter the processing fluid with our unique filter technology.
What can ECO Clean, which won the 46th Invention Award “Main Prize” and the 46th Excellent Environmental Equipment Award “Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Chairman’s Award”, do? How does it work?

We are listening to Ryuki Engineering’s President Nishimura in detail!